Thumper: Stolen cat. Snowshoe (Siamese-looking)

My buddy, my pal! - Returned, but his experience will help others with their missing, possibly stolen pet (cats, dogs, and others).

Status of website and issue: Ongoing and Continual

I am leaving this website up in order to provide experience, knowledge and education to others who may find themselves in a situation where their pet is missing... i.e., to bring awareness to the fact that there is pet thievery occuring daily. Pet thieves become more common when there's an increase of distressed economic times.  And, this website, through my experience with Thumper's thievery, hopefully will help other people with:

1) the awareness of the existence of pet thievery

2) the education about the issues involved

 3) the reason pet thievery may happen (increased economic times that criminals take advantage of, to obtain money reward; cats are harder to find since they hide and are quiet in a thief's home, vs. the dog that barks--find the dog, and, therefore, find the cats!)

4) HOW pet thievery happens (occurring more often to friendly pets, who are easily picked up and taken)

5) the methods involved for trying to recover a missing and stolen pet, and the resources that may help the pet owner spread the word about missing/stolen pet (e.g. websites that can created about pet and its missing and stolen status, making it easier for the public to read all the info about the pet--and ongoing status; other pet sites with missing/stolen info, resources and methods--such as the humane society and pet rescue groups nationwide, in addition to your own local area; police obligations and state laws concerning stolen pets [in most states, your pet BY LAW is considered your 'property' so cops MUST complete a stolen property report, in order to help find and search for the pet thieves and for later prosecution if it reaches that point]; and other actions that can be done...

Good luck to all pet owners who find themselves with a missing pet, and to other people who just want to help with this issue, and fighting back against those pet thieves who just want an extra buck for someone's else's pet buddy!

7/3 GIVEN BACK! - sold to someone for $100

Thumper's now home! Please read the full, sordid details in the new section, "Theft & Recovery of T." about how a thief sold Thumper to someone on a DC street for $100.

In addition, check out the section, "WJLA/ABC7: Pet Thief & T" on which you can access the news link about the 7/16/09 news story done about Thumper and DC-area pet thieves. 

Thumper Male Cat - If found, call 310.895.3464 (DC-based cell)

He is technically a "Snowshoe" cat.  Blackish face, ears and nose, with white snout, and chin (which has a brownish "soul" patch).  White whiskers and eyelashes.  Blue eyes in the light!  Also, white ear hairs.  Missing since Friday, June 26. Disappeared sometime after 2p from Logan Circle area, 1517 12th Street N.W., which is between Rhode Island Avenue and Q Street N.W. (one block east of Logan Circle), Washington, DC.  


 Light tan body with white socks, white belly, and white chest.  Also, black tail and mostly pink paws.  Thumper was wearing his collar when he disappeared; the collar is nylon, and the pattern in swirly-stripped in red, orange and the pink spectrum.  The tags are: green 2007 Rabies tag (i think from Friendship Animal Hospital), purple (current vet, "Negola's Ark" in Shady Grove Md; tag has ID #), blue tag (his etched name, CURRENT address of "1517-A 12th Street N.W.".  Also, there originally was an old phone number, which I scribbled out and added my current phone number), and a bell.  


Indoor, very friendly cat; doesn't scratch or lash out (that's why I'm worried, because someone could easily steal him due to his friendliness). 12 years old. Neutered.  Thumper has a medical problem so I closely monitor his health carefully; he eats special food. (he had major surgery to solve a medical problem, which involved removing his male organ from his anal area, and his uretherea was even enlarged to the size of a female's!). Thumper IS well at the moment.



6/27/09: please read the "sightings, possible" for a disturbing development. 8(      Thumper has a medical condition that I am monitoring and am trying to prevent a recurrence through special food and medicines/vitamins when necessary (I monitor his ph levels in his urine, for example).  He had intense major surgery one 1/2 years ago. He almost DIED! But, I have a wonderful cat specialist who helped him then, and continues to monitor him now. Thumper IS well right now, but if he is with another person who is NOT aware of his special needs (if he's been snatched, for example), then Thumper could develop his medical problem through uninformed neglect.  My worry: will this new person be willing to spend the $ to fix him, to keep him healthy??? I, the owner, WILL, and already do, keep him healthy; I have already spent a few thousands of dollars when he was sick, to fix his problem, and then, to keep him healthy, because HE'S MY BUDDY, HE'S MY PAL! And I will do what I can to keep him healthy and live a good, stress-free life.  I don't know if another could do this obligation--they can't love him like I can, and like I do!   

If found--if you at least see him--please contact me asap ANYTIME!

310.895.3464 cell (California area code BUT I am DC-BASED, Logan Circle!) 

Texting is fine also, in addition to leaving any voice mail (if I don't first don't answer your call).